Anti-Fog FLUNA TEC 50 ml (916021)
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Anti-Fog FLUNA TEC 50 ml (916021)

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Fluna Anti Fog is a solvent-based coating. 
Anti-Fog prevents the fogging of glass surfaces due to temperature differences, especially at hunting optics such as binoculars, riflescopes and spotting scopes.
Anti Fog does not harm special coatings of optics and can be applied easily. 
The anti-fogging effect lasts for a few days to weeks.

Product Size : 50ml Spray Bottle

Packaging : Plastic Bottle with Sprayhead 



  • Suitable for all types of glass
  • Especially optics for hunting
  • Transparent, residue-free, coating
  • Fast, long-lasting effect


Fluna Anti Fog is always applied to the cleaned and prepared glass surface!
Shake bottles before use! Clean glass surface with a brush or pressed air from rough dust. 
Then clean the surface with Fluna TFT / Optik foam cleaner, according to the instructions so that the glass surface is clean and streakfree. 
Then degrease the glass surface with Fluna Isopropanol
(916037) according to the instructions for use. 
Finally, spray Fluna Anti Fog lightly on the dry glass surface and allow to work for a few minutes. 
Using a clean cleaning cloth, polish the product onto the glass surface for a smooth, streak-free coating. 
Finally, let the glass dry for about an hour. 
The mode of action of Fluna Anti Fog can be tested with a breath test. 

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