Tactical belt Tacbull 2in1 duty belt COMBO, black, L (TB-DCBM01)
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Tactical belt Tacbull 2in1 duty belt COMBO, black, L (TB-DCBM01)

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Tacbull 2 in 1 Combo belt designed as a belt system, the outer duty belt provides superior weight distribution and the inner belt offers extra comfort. The outer belt is made of durable nylon and strong PP lining board, supporting the belt setup weight when attached with multiple police equipment, such as handgun, magazine, handcuff, flashlight, walkie talkie, etc.
A widened inner belt composed of silicon and neoprene, which is not easy to deform and upgrades comfort, and relieves the compression from the police equipment. The inner belt uses the skin-friendly silicone lining and adds anti-slip grain to ensure stability. The inner belt adopts the advanced velcro pad to avoid scratches and improve adhesion. It is less likely to damage clothing or stick to hair. The higher stitching density holds its shape throughout the workday, ensuring its durability and softness. 



  • Product code: TB-DCBM01;
  • Color: Black;
  • Size: L (1500x50mm).

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