Gun sling Tacbull with quick adapter, black (TB-1PT-HKFL)
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Gun sling Tacbull with quick adapter, black (TB-1PT-HKFL)

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This sling features with a length quick adjust adapter, the user can adjust the sling length quickly and easily with one hand. One Point Sling with hook for heavy duty. Made by Nylon material, durable and breathable with shoulder pad. Tacbull tactical sling works for both right and left handed shooters. Sling is fully adjustable to fit over any gear or body armor. With a flexible, high density elastic bungee style sling, it is compatible with AR-15 or similar type rifle. Suit for hunting, shooting and other tactical purpose. 


  • Product code: TB-1PT-HKFL;
  • Color: Black;
  • Length adjustable range: 60cm.


0.31 kg

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