Game call E.L.K. The Wolf Howler WH-2
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Game call E.L.K. The Wolf Howler WH-2


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The Wolf Howler WH-2 produces Lonesome Howls, Pack Serenade Howls, Barks, Whines & K-9 Distress. Comes with protective cap and 3 white Power Bands.

You can listen to it on YouTube Channel "ELKinc1".

E.L.K. have been manufacturing calls for 30 years so they know what they are doing.


1. Place bill of call, with band on, in your mouth with the opening of the call facing down.

2. Your lower lip will: touch the band, cover the opening and rest against the base of the call.

3. The object is to direct all of your air through the opening of the call.

4. Your lip acts as a guide in regulating air flow into the call.

5. When blowing the call, use your dia-phragm to force air out of your lungs, like you are singing, not whistling. While blowing the call, you can vary the pitch by changing the air pressure. The harder the pressure, the higher the pitch.

6. To obtain the "drop tone" in the second half of the howl, slightly relax lip pressure by dropping your bottom jaw.

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