Moose game call Hubertus  Buttolo Elchtierlocker (292)
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Moose game call Hubertus Buttolo Elchtierlocker (292)


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Moose game call Hubertus Buttolo Elchtierlocker (292)


The classic decoy of the German company Hubertus - Buttolo Elchlocker for moose hunting. The call is extremely easy to use and, as a result of a little training, you can easily imitate the sound of a cow, both a cow and a bull can come out to call. The decoy has been effectively tested by European hunters.


The Hubertus moose hunting decoy is made of plastic and is recommended for baiting moose during the rutting season. The design of the decoy is a plastic cylinder with numerous holes on one side ("decoy speaker") and one hole on the other, which is closed with a finger to extract the correct sound when working with the decoy. Flipping the Buttolo Elchlocker (Hubertus 292) call makes realistic sounds to attract the moose during the rut. By covering the holes, you can adjust the volume and tone. The sound of the call is not very loud and is suitable for use at short and medium distances in calm weather.


Dimension: 60 x 60 x 60 mm

Weight: 0.105 kg

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